Multi Image Holder Module is.. as the name implies, a module that can hold up to 10 linkable images, side by side, sorted either horizontally, or vertically, divided by equal spaces...



Each image have the following settings:

  • Full support for all Major Joomla versions (v1.5.x, v1.7.x, v2.5.x and v3.x.x)
  • All image types are supported.
  • You can change the size (width and height) of the image to fit your need.
  • You can link the image to a URL address.
  • You can change the opacity of the image.
  • You can add a (mouse over) opacity to the image.
  • You can align the module to center, left, or right.
  • You can add text above and/or below the module.
  • You can choose to publish and unpublish the module according to dates: (a specific date, a monthly date, a yearly date, ..etc)


  • Install from the back-end, like any other module.
  • Go to the module manager, then select Multi Image Holder from the module's list.
  • Make sure to enable the module and to disable the (Show Title) option, or choose a title of your choice.
  • Choose the pages you want MIH to appear on.
  • You have up to 10 images to hold using this module, each image has its own options.
  • when you hover at any field title, a simple popup text will show up telling you what to put in that field.
  • Save and exit!.
  • If you want, you can copy the module, and you can specify each copy to show on certain pages, each copy will have its own parameters.



Multi Image Holder ($9.99)



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